Thank you for joining me on this wild ride called life! My name is Sarah and I live with my partner Leigh in Cape Paterson, Victoria, Australia. 

A Lazy Girl’s Holistic Life started after I had many people asking me about how we changed our lifestyle. Moving from Melbourne city, to a small beachside town. From working in Advertising to working for small businesses and creating my own! The name came from my acceptance and awareness that I am a lazy person, by ‘lazy’ I mean… I like to do things that are simple, achievable and things I am able to maintain. Living a holistic life is very important to me, I believe in balance, and that we need to nourish ourselves, and Mother Earth. 

I have started this blog to share my plant based recipes, products/brands I love, raw treats available for order, upcoming events and to share my story on why and how I live a holistic life… the simplest way!

Much love,

Sarah xx

To define yourself is to limit yourself. Without labels you remain the infinite being — Deepak Chopra

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