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I spent most of my life thinking soup was overrated, but now it is one of my go-to meals. It’s so quick and easy to make, filled with nutrients and tastes amazing! I love making a big pot of soup on a Sunday or Monday and it keeps us going for a few days. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

8 medium sized Potatoes
1 medium sized Cauliflower
1/2 Fennel
1 medium sized Onion
Garlic – dehydrated, fresh or minced
1L Veg Stock
2 tbsp Dairy Free Butter
2 tbsp. Olive Oil
2 tbsp. Nutritional Yeast – optional
Salt & Pepper to taste

Melt butter with oil in a large pot, add in garlic, onion, fennel, with thyme and a touch of salt and pepper. Sauté until fragrant and soft, approx 5 mins.

Add in diced veggies, mix to cover with sauted mix. Add in 1L or more of veg stock, top with water until veggies are just covered. Bring to boil. After 10 mins or so, add in nutritional yeast (optional) and taste liquid, add in more salt, pepper, thyme and any other herbs you like. Boil soup until veggies are soft, I usually test by squishing them with a spoon. Once all the veggies are cooked, take off the heat and blend with stick mixer.

Add desired amount to a bowl. If you feel like being fancy, you can top with fresh herbs, nutritional yeast, coconut cream, whatever takes your fancy!

I fried some kale in coconut oil with hemp seeds & pepitas until crispy and added them to the soup, along with a drizzle of truffle oil. YUM!

Don’t forget to tag me in your photos on the socials if you make any of my recipes! Get creative!

Sarah xx

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